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Actionable Solutions to Maximize Alpha

The ZacksTrade New Issue Service is a valuable tool for equity-focused hedge funds, investment managers and professional traders. By focusing on our core competency, we provide specialized knowledge, experience and actionable solutions to our clients, allowing them to maximize alpha from the rapidly changing new issue markets.

We integrate comprehensive global data on IPO's, SPO's, and CBO's, with knowledgeable traders, equity research, agency trading and prime brokerage clearing, giving clients full access to the powerful products and services that, previously, only the largest institutions could offer.

From initial filing to issuance, we provide a research package of New Issue Reports, Email Alerts, Instant Messages and access to Professional Traders, delivering clients superior, timely and accurate color without the normal lead time involved in new issue networking.

New Issue Reports give clients an excellent organizational tool for tracking IPO’s, SPO's and CBO's. They are delivered intraday via email, Bloomberg or company website.

Reports include:
  • Pricing– Reports highlight new issues trading that day, sent before the market open at ~ 6:00 AM EST.
  • Expected Tomorrow - Reports feature new issues expected to trade tomorrow, filing changes and those expected to trade in the next two weeks, sent mid-day at ~12:00 PM EST.
  • Weekend Reports – Reports list all global new issue filings by issuer, by week expected, by changes to deals in registration and by underwriters, sent Friday at ~12:00 PM EST.
Reports are organized in spreadsheet format and feature the following key data:
    • Issuer • Symbol • Current Call
    • Prior Call • Company Description • Type
    • Underwriter • Syndicate • Share Size
    • Pricing Range • Prior Pricing Range • Priced At
    • Sector • CUSIP • Exchange
    • Trade Date • Settlement Date • Concession
Email Alerts keep clients informed with relevant real-time new issue press releases from Business Wire, Globe Newswire, M2, Marketwire, PR Newswire and Thomson Reuters ONE. Alerts are delivered daily via email, Bloomberg or company website.

Instant Messages supply real-time communication of market-moving events, helping traders buy and sell at the right time. IM’s are sent via AIM or Bloomberg IM.

Professional Traders with over 20+ years of equity-focused trading experience provide valuable color on the markets.

Using our package of valuable tools, clients can maximize their returns by integrating the rapid changes in the IPO and SPO markets into their trading strategies. At Zacks, we deliver relevant services and products that clients leverage to be successful investors.

ZacksTrade is a division of LBMZ Securities.

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