• Serving clients in 50 states, with $2.6 billion AUM and 600 employees worldwide.
  • Access to global resources with the personalized service of a boutique agency.
  • Committed to exceeding client expectations since 1978.
  • A comprehensive suite of innovative Investment Banking solutions.

About Us

The Zacks Group is a privately owned 600 person Chicago-based firm with over 35 years of experience providing retail, institutional and corporate guidance to thousands of clients worldwide. Since its founding in 1978, Zacks has continually expanded its services to encompass a greater ranges of client needs.

We believe strongly in a culture dictated by the needs of our clients. We hold steadfast to the belief that a client’s success is our success. The Zacks Group is comprised of: Zacks & Company, a full-service broker-dealer; Zacks Investment Research, one of the largest providers of independent research in the U.S.; and Zacks Investment Management, a registered investment advisor that manages in excess of $2.6 billion for private clients and institutional investors.

Though Zacks has been noted for a variety of measures of accomplishment, we chart our success by only one metric: the growth of our clients through providing sound advice.


  • 1978: Zacks Investment Research (ZIR) was formed
  • 1978: Zacks & Company (ZCO) was formed
  • 1979: ZIR began tracking analyst estimates of next five years’ EPS growth rates
  • 1981: ZIR began collecting and tracking analyst estimates of quarterly EPS
  • 1981: ZIR created the concept of EPS surprise
  • 1982: ZIR created the Zacks Rank, a proprietary quantitative model-based on EPS estimate revisions and EPS surprises whose stock rankings have provided guidance to thousands of investors
  • 1982: ZCO signed a clearing agreement with Bear Stearns
  • 1984: ZIR began delivering market data on floppy disks for personal computers
  • 1985: ZIR began tracking broker recommendations, developed back-testing software designed specifically to enable quantitative analysts to design, test and operate quantitative investment equity processes
  • 1986: ZIR began using optical disk technology to deliver market data
  • 1988: ZIR began offering consensus earnings estimates over Bloomberg, Dow Jones and Quotron
  • 1989: ZIR began measuring the accuracy of analysts' EPS forecasts, broker recommendations and began delivering market data services on CD/ROM
  • 1992: Zacks Investment Management (ZIM) was formed
  • 1993: ZIR created a quantitative model that predicts price response following EPS surprises
  • 1996: ZIR began developing the Zacks affiliate network of 1,500 websites forming the foundation for the Small Cap Research (SCR) team
  • 1997: ZIR created the Zacks Model to predict EPS more accurately than the consensus
  • 1998: ZIR developed software to automatically extract data from Edgar filings
  • 1999: ZIR introduced Sales Estimate, Sales Surprise and Target Price data
  • 2001: ZIR introduced a browser-based research platform
  • 2002: Expanded the research staff to 50 analysts following over 1,100 companies
  • 2005: ZIR developed a semi-active index for micro-cap and small-cap stocks
  • 2006: ZIM launched the Zacks All-Cap Core Fund(CZOCX)
  • 2007: ZIR developed Zacks Research System (ZRS) market data platform
  • 2008: ZIM launched the Zacks Market Neutral Fund (ZMNCX)
  • 2009: ZRS is enhanced to feature Portfolio Performance Measurement & Portfolio Reporting
  • 2010: ZRS introduced of the Zacks Valuation Model (ZVM), a framework for equity analysis
  • 2011: ZIM launches the Zacks Small-Cap Core Fund (ZSCCX)
  • 2013: ZCO expanded broker-dealer with investment banking, private placements, prime brokerage and retail brokerage, signs clearing agreement with Interactive Brokers LLC

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