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The Power to Outperform

Designed for equity-focused Hedge Funds, Investment Managers, Professional Traders, Quantitative Research Analysts, and more, the Zacks Research System helps you stay ahead of global market trends with our highly flexible investment intelligence system designed to make your decisions as easy as possible.
  • Research Edge gives clients access to timely brokerage firm morning notes, full text research reports, analyst EPS estimates, analyst revenue forecasts, and analyst track records from over 270 contributing brokers worldwide.
  • Trading Strategy Evaluator allows clients to test their models' trading characteristics; access their model's economic viability when subjected to real-world trading costs and limitations; perform sensitivity analysis to show how their model stands up to incensed commissions, slippage, and other costs; test the effects of timing strategies and cash positions on their equity selection model, compare the stocks selected by our clients model to the performance of the stocks they actually held during the test period.
  • Research Wizard is a powerful, custom equity screening program, ideal for identifying new buying opportunities, monitoring clients' portfolios and back-testing for performance.
  • Integrated Company Analysts is a charting and analysis package designed to evaluate the investing attractiveness of a company, allowing clients to display only those ratios that they find helpful in evaluating the investment attractiveness of companies.
  • Zacks Link is an interactive, menu-driven application that enables clients to create sophisticated custom analytical models using the MS Excel-style formulas in the reports. Data used for the report generation can be retrieved form a variety of sources: Zacks standard databases, client's custom Zacks database, Compustat databases, or it can be imported from other spreadsheets or data files. Client's reports have the most current data formatted and presented the way they want it within seconds.
  • Portfolio Analytics is designed to provide detail and summary information about clients' portfolios and compare that information to the benchmark over a specified time period. This helps explain how their portfolio is different or similar to benchmarks and other portfolios.
  • Rank Analysis provides clients with the power to test various investment-related factors with great ease. Clients can choose to test a data item or a group of mathematically combined items, then generate output files that include Correlation Coefficient, P-values, Number of Observations, Returns, Volatilities, and Risk-adjusted Returns, with user-friendly charts and graphs.
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*Zacks Research System is a service offered through our affiliated company Zacks Investment Research. Zacks & Company and Zacks Investment Research are legally separate but affiliated companies.

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